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So the car crash we've seen coming for at least six weeks finally impacted tonight -- egomaniac game-player J.D. Fortune won Rock Star: INXS.

Just as winning American Idol can be more of a curse than a blessing -- watch as the record company mishandles you in order to quickly cash in on your celebrity! -- it's unclear whether joining a band from the '80s as its new frontman is really the huge leap forward that it's made out to be. It certainly seems that J.D. wanted the gig really badly, though, so let's hope all of his brown-nosing of INXS was based in truth -- because he's going to be singing "What You Need" and "New Sensation" every night for the next year, in Indianapolis and Singapore and Hamburg and who knows where else.

Maybe singing sensation Marty Casey and the true stars of Rock Star: INXS, the kick-ass House Band, can make an album together. That one I'd buy -- especially if "Trees" is the lead single.

In any event, as I have written before, Rock Star has really been a creative success. It sounds like the chances are pretty good that it'll be back next summer; I, for one, am hoping it gets a nice ratings build like The Amazing Race before it. Because as I've said before, it's a better show than American Idol, hands down.


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