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More Stale Sci-Fi?

The Sci-Fi channel announced today that Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis have been renewed for a 10th and third season, respectively. (Hat tip: TV Barn.)

Now, I've been a promoter of Stargate for almost six years. But let's be honest here: the show has rapidly run out of steam. And ideas. The past two years of Stargate have been far less fulfilling than the seasons that preceded it. This year's infusion of new talent and a new storyline hasn't really picked up the pace either. Even given the opportunity to make a fresh start, the show's producers seem to turn far too often to rehashes of pet topics that were dullsville even when they were new: shiny ascended energy beings and threats of pentagon budget cuts (!) being at the top of my personal hit list.

So let me put out one final plea: please, let this be the end of Stargate. Either that, or it's time to clear out the writers' room and bring in a whole new staff of people to write these shows. Because even with new cast members and a young spin-off series, this is one once-proud franchise that feels old and decrepit.

(In other news, Battlestar Galactica hasn't been picked up yet, although I assume that's a formality. Because that's the show -- not Stargate, and certainly not their ridiculous attempts at reality TV series -- that's the channel's breakthrough series.)


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