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Special Prosecutor Indicts Scooter

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The investigation into who leaked the name of a covert CIA agent in an apparent effort to punish a critic of the Bush administration's justification for war in Iraq took a shocking turn when Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald indicted Scooter, the long-time gofer on The Muppet Show.

The indictment of the 43-year-old muppet -- long the right-hand man to Muppet Show host Kermit T. Frog -- sent shockwaves through both Washington and the Muppet Theater, as the investigation moved closer to implicating other muppets, including Dr. Teeth, Sam the Eagle, and George W. Bush.

"For Scooter, it is not time to play the music, nor is it time to light the lights," Fitzgerald said, at a hastily called press conference. "Rather, it is time to get things started and co-operate fully with this investigation."


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