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Watch Me... If You Dare!

October is here, and you know what that means for television viewers. An atmosphere of foreboding and dread! Carnage! Slaughter! And then, after the San Diego Padres are eliminated from the playoffs, horror flicks!

That's right, horror flicks galore, more than you can shake a bloody stump at. So many that it's kind of intimidating, actually. How can you possibly pick one or two good fright films to watch from this huge selection, and be assured you aren't setting yourself up for an hour's worth of cinematic offal?

What you need is some kind of handy guide to help you separate the wicked wheat from the chilling chaff. But where can you find such thing? Who would be so lacking in the life department that they would sit through hours and hours of crap just to find one or two worthwhile productions? And who, after already burning so many hours of precious, fleeting existence, would be so pathetic as to waste even more time writing about it for no thanks or compensation of any kind?

Oh, hello there. Welcome to TeeVee.

Happy Halloween!


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