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Damn You, SciFi Channel!

Farscape star Claudia Black will be joining Stargate SG-1 as a full-time cast member in the show's tenth season, reprising her role from earlier this year. And yet again, I'm torn between admiring the producers' sheer fiendish ingenuity in luring Farscape fans to shore up their audience, and simply wanting to egg SciFi president Bonnie Hammer's house.

On one hand, Black will be playing a mostly dumb, terribly written character. On the other hand, she's a fantastic actress, and Stargate got about fifteen times less fun, at least for me, after she vanished. And watching Black and former castmate Ben Browder play off one another is basically televised gold.

I hate myself, but this pretty much guarantees I'll be watching more of this lame, snooze-inducing excuse for science fiction. Damn you, SciFi! Just give us more Farscape and be done with it!


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