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Courting Monkeys

When my wife and I settled down to watch the first episode of Courting Alex she said the same thing she'd said a few days earlier when we settled down to watch the first episode of Love Monkey. "Ugh, this is CBS," she said.

Surely, I thought, there must be some show on CBS we watch. Lost is ABC. The various Law & Orders are NBC, of course. Lazytown is Nick Jr. Oh, and there's Disparate Housewives and now, alas, Celebrity Fit Club 3 -- none of which are CBS. I've been catching up on Firefly on the DVD Boxed Set Channel. And I did watch the first episode of Criminal Minds -- didn't I write about it for TeeVee? Maybe I forgot -- hey, that's a CBS show! Which I never watched again!

I guess my wife is right as always. We don't watch CBS. I don't think we've tuned in to CBS with any regularity since Chicago Hope went off the air. This used to be because CBS was the network of the elderly and the incontinent. Now I'm not so sure -- maybe today it's the network of the young and hip and we've been left behind. After all, we now find the New Yorker endlessly interesting. We're getting very old.

If the two shows we saw were any indication, though, CBS is not the network of the young and hip. It's the network of the middle-aged and not terribly interesting.


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