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Not So EZ, After All

UPDATE: An alert TeeVee reader -- wait, we have readers? -- wrote in to crush my hopes and dreams. It seems the DVD of EZ Streets will only have the two-hour pilot and two other selected episodes from the series. This strikes me as a staggeringly inane move, especially for a cult-classic series from the guy who went on to write a couple of minor films known as Crash and Million Dollar Baby.

Between this and the approximately 26 nanoseconds earlier this week when half of the Internet and I mistakenly thought Futurama would be returning to television, I've had my fill of TV-related dispppointment.

Original item follows...

I've been waiting for this since TV-on-DVD first hit it big.

On May 16, all 10 episodes of EZ Streets will be released on DVD through Bravo's "Brilliant But Cancelled" series. Aside from a brief run on the now-defunct Trio network, this'll be the first time Paul Haggis's amazing crime series has reached viewers since its abortive 1996 run on CBS.

When I first found the show in my high school days, it was just about the best damn television I'd ever seen. If it's anything like I remember it, the saga of a cop trying to infiltrate the mob, an honest ex-con trying to go straight, and the mobster around whom they both revolve still compares favorably to The Sopranos, The Wire, and just about anything else you'd care to name. I've never forgotten its ability to create edge-of-your-seat suspense based solely on the moral choices its characters faced, and I still bear a grudge against CBS for pre-empting its tenth and final episode for a rerun of Walker: Texas Ranger.

Best of all, the whole set's available for preorder for an absurdly cheap $15. If you're a fan of crime dramas, it's the best money you'll spend on DVDs this year.


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