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Fall '06: "The Class"

The Class is a shitty, stupid television show without a single idea about how it plans to entertain an audience for thirty minutes. Even the laugh track sounds like it's punching a clock, like this is one gig it's not going to be putting on its laugh track resume.

A show this terrible must have a concept: a sort of ad hoc reunion of a third grade class. Naturally, you will be curious as to what I, an internet television critic, would think if I met the people with whom I went to third grade. I believe I would most likely think "Huh? Who are you?" because except for a couple exceptions, I can't remember a single name from that long ago. And the names I can remember are mostly because they were also in my fourth, fifth, and sixth grade classes. I can only assume that "third grade" was chosen for its explicit randomness, but it would appear that the Big Wheel of Random Sitcom Premises has come up empty this time.

The only benefit I can see to basing a show on "people who have essentially nothing to do with each other" is that you could probably get some interesting characters in there. Like if you set a show in a bar, for example, all kinds of crazy people could come in. In this case, though, the hilarity is supposed to come from suicidally depressed losers and guys who get dumped or live with their parents. Now, I'm not saying I don't like laughing at unhappy people. But it helps if the unhappiness is combined with some sort of humor, or at least originality.

To be fair, I ought to watch more than one episode. But why should I put myself out? I already had to put up with thirty minutes of this nonsense, and I didn't see the show worrying about whether it was being fair to me. Besides, this turkey is going to get cancelled just as soon as the network executives can bring themselves to admit that they put it on the air.


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