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Grey's Homophobic Fallout

I don't know if you've been following the story about a Grey's Anatomy cast member who is in hot water after calling one of his castmastes a "faggot" not once but twice. I haven't been following it closely because Grey's Anatomy is only watched by one member of my home and she's not me.

Walking back home after dropping our son off at pre-school this morning, my wife and I were talking about Isaiah Washington's predicament. She wondered if it was reasonable to fire Washington for his offenses.

But here's my take, as someone who manages a staff of more than a dozen people. This is a guy who called a co-worker a "faggot" at their workplace. He got in trouble. And then, a few months later, he denied doing it and used the word again.

First time you use a homophobic slur against one of your co-workers, it's time for Human Resources to swoop in and give counseling. You give the employee a warning that this sort of behavior is unacceptable.

And if they deny it and do it again, you fire their ass on the spot.

It's an easy decision. It should've been made the moment this happened. Instead, ABC has continued to dither about the matter while Washington scrambles to apologize to everyone he can. And Grey's producer Shonda Rhimes has unforgivably been silent on the matter, not condemning Washington's behavior. Is it okay for anyone to use that word to describe a member of your cast, Shonda? What would you have done if a cast member had used a racial slur against Washington on the set?

Washington should apologize. And he should attempt to make amends so that he can repair his life and perhaps save his career.

But for this job? In this workplace? Forget it. As far as I'm concerned, he had his chance. He blew it. If I were his boss he'd be looking for a new job.


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