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Super Bowl Commercial Winners

A personal take on the best commercials of the Super Bowl:

GM's Robot, where a forlorn car-assembly robot dreams of the terrible life that would await it if it were to lose its job. Funny, cute, and more than a little bit dark.

CBS' house ad for Late Show With David Letterman, the perfect reunion of Dave (Indianapolis) and Oprah (Chicago).

Coke's Grand Theft Auto parody, in which the protagonist of the would-be violent video game instead does good deeds and brings flowers and puppies to all.

Garmin's Ultraman spot, which takes me back to my childhood days as a viewer of Captain Cosmic, in which a GPS-equipped Ultraman defeats the evil Map Monster.

Emerald Nuts' brilliant Robert Goulet ad, in which Goulet is apparently a stand-in for low blood sugar.

The rare funny beer ad, Budweiser's Crabs were funny even though it was sort of a riff on "Toy Story's" little rubber aliens.

And finally, my vote for the lamest ad of the Super Bowl: Revlon's Sheryl Crow ad, which made me feel what it would be like to watch a documentary about a singer being convinced to color her hair in exchange for a commercial endorsement. The answer? It feels like death.


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