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Buffy at 10

Ten years ago, my wife was taking a night class in San Francisco, so I was sitting at home flipping around the channels when I spied a TV show on the fledgling WB network. What I found -- and wrote about for TeeVee -- was Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Ten years ago today, Buffy premiered, and I actually caught a bit more than half of that initial premiere airing. I say that with pride, because with ten years' hindsight, Buffy is high on my list of the best shows of all time.

Back in 1997 I said that Buffy was "campy and goofy and not to be taken as serious drama." As proud as I am that I liked the series immediately, I got this bit completely wrong. Although Buffy cloaked itself in the conventions of campy horror, it turned out to have an emotional depth that allowed it to cross over from dumb fun into incredibly smart fun.

So on the occasion of Buffy's 10th anniversary, I provide you with a link to the story we posted on the day of Buffy's final episode, featuring the favorite Buffy episodes of three of the vidiots.

And if you're a Buffy fan who's sad that it's all over but the shouting, haven't you heard? Buffy season 8 is right around the corner.


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