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The Ultimate Sugar Rush

To my considerable shame, I'm no stranger to getting involved in insane "save our show" campaigns. I wrote letters, sent faxes, and even made phone calls when a certain Muppet-enriched science fiction show cruelly got the axe. In light of Jericho's impressive recent resurrection, after fans bombarded CBS headquarters with multiple tons of nuts, the enthusiastic viewers of a certain tiny blonde detective -- myself, unfortunately, included -- have gained new, and admittedly possibly futile, hope of resurrecting our own beloved and shamefully cancelled cult hit series.

Veronica Mars' core audience is smaller by a factor of four or five than Jericho's, making the current campaign to send CW president Dawn Ostroff a pallet full of Mars Bars and marshmallows far more unlikely to succeed. But if you've ever watched or enjoyed the show, those unwelcoming odds make your participation all the more important. (If you've ever despised or ignored the show, feel free to stay the course.) If nothing else, the madcap campaign is turning into a heck of an entertaining story, involving a family-run online Indian grocery business out of Houston, Texas, and the purchase, to date, of every available Mars bar in the United States.

This may sound funny coming from the guy who just wrote an obituary for the series he's now exhorting you to save, but if there's even a chance to get this very smart, very dark, very funny show back on the shabby, third-rate network it calls home, I think it's worth taking. If you agree, consider dropping a few bucks toward the cause. (I did.)

If nothing else, think of it as an advance payment for the highly entertaining public mockery that Phil will doubtlessly unleash upon me as soon as he sees this.


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