Hi! I've got my own adorable cat photo!

Someone told me this was the "tough guy with cute cats" weblog and I thought I'd post pictures of Pretty Missy Megaton!! HI! LEAVE COMMENTS!! lol

Posted by Tom Welling at 8:14 AM on 3/29/2005 | Comments (0)

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

But adorable transcends such grubby considerations as turns the heads of men like you. This cat is tiny, petite and adorable. Admit it's over, cocksucker.

Posted by Ian McShane at 5:43 PM on 3/27/2005 | Comments (0)

What, you got some problem with little boy cats?

Look at him! He's all sweet and innocent! Let me tell you something, my dusty pioneering friend, you gonna tell me this cat's lacking in the cuteness department? I don't think so. What it is now is you and me, tough guy, determining which of our fucking cats is the most adorable. Capice?

Posted by James Gandolfini at 3:23 PM on 3/26/2005 | Comments (0)

I'd pity your bleak existence

This cat looks adorable while it contemplates the wretched futility of your existence. It may be limited in understanding by means of its primitive animal compassion, but it knows this: your life is but a vile fucking cesspit, a ceaseless slog through one fucking imposition after another.

And your cat ain't that cute either.

Posted by Ian McShane at 9:11 AM on 3/24/2005 | Comments (0)

This damn cat is cuter, you cocksucker

Look at that! Her contemptuous expression matches mine when I regard your pitiable cat photos.

Posted by Ian McShane at 3:14 PM on 3/23/2005 | Comments (0)

This cat has no fucking pity, motherfucker

No. Because you know what this cat has? That certain je ne sez -- that je ne sow I don't what the fuck! That's what this cat has. And huge, ass-kicking feet. That cat's cute AND it will serve you your balls for breakfast.

Posted by James Gandolfini at 9:32 PM on 3/23/2005 | Comments (0)

They don't get any fucking cuter than this

Look at those goddamn pointy ears! And those cute little fucking whiskers. There's no way you can top this, McShane.

Posted by James Gandolfini at 8:32 PM on 3/22/2005 | Comments (0)

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