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January 2004 Archives

ABC Dumps Its Best New Show

Hitchhiker's Guide to.. huh?

Military Intelligence, Jumbo Shrimp, Super Bowl

Help! Help! The Operating System Is Destroying the City!

Best 'Friends'? We Beg To Differ

Jack Paar, RIP

If It's Friday, This Must Be Cancelled

Them Duke Boys is 25 Years Old!

Captain Kangaroo, RIP

Duck Meets Superhero

Reality TV Onslaught

And Now, A W-to-the-O-to-R-to-the-Dizzle from Our Sponsizzle

Those Celebrities are Drunk as a BLANK!

We're a Network About BLANK!

NBC Evil? Local News Evil!

It Oughta Be a Crime

Goodbye Boomtown

NBC: Eviler By the Minute

I'm Dreaming of a Vengeful Christmas


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