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April 2003 Archives

Mr. Klingon Personality

A Call to Lisas

ESPN Is Now On the Clock

Saddam's Home Videos

Angel Shines Brightly

Mr. Racial Identity

Why the West Was Won

Diversity Ed-ucation

The Moron in the Iron Mask

Next Week on 24...

The Your-Name-Here Network

Mom, Fidel's Being Evil Again!

Memo to American Idol Voters

Cruel TV

Proof that Greg Papa Doesn't Watch Much ESPN Classic

I Hate Wayne Brady

Ed's Dead, Baby

In Ed's Neighborhood

Hearts and Minds, Baby

Whither Rather?

Observe the Snow -- It Fornicates

Hottie Anchors, Fair and Balanced

Crappy Journalism, Unfair and Imbalanced

Please, Colonel?

Yes, Information Minister

Dead Pool 2002: The Waiting Is The Hardest Part

ABC - The Reality Network


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