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November 2004 Archives

SpongeRider 2004

Thanksgiving Cataclysm!

Watch Me With Cranberry Sauce

(Poker) Battle of the (Cable) Network Stars

Fall '04: "Medical" Malpractice

Hank Azaria's Powdered Chest

The Woman Show

Love that 'Lost'

Calling It Too Late

Confusion Reigns in France


Take That, TiVo!


Re: Dan Rather Poetry


A TiVo Election Crisis

When Will They Stop?

Election 2004 Weblog

Just Kill Us Now


Call Your Psychiatrist

It Could Be Worse

Green State!

Bonus Rather

Who Else?

Another Falls

A Classic Moment in Half-assed Journalism

Who's There?

Carville Calls It

They are seconds away from using Whoopi Goldberg as a marital aid


Bet the Double-Wide

Take a stand!

Vote or Die in a Hideous Gang Shooting

Kent Brockman Was Right -- Democracy Simply Doesn't Work

Sen. Kerry, Check Your Shirt-Tail


Tea Leaves

It's Like a Bountiful Banquet of Horrible, Horrible Flavor!

And A Ghost Only Sipowicz Can See...

Back to coverage!

It would be a better career choice than "Surviving Christmas"

Jennings to McCain: Bush Played You for a Sucker

Colbert on Louisiana

Tim Russert Plays Pictionary

Rather? Russert!

First Ratherism

Nobody Loves Michael

This is boring!

Bad News, Election Fans


The Oldsters Went to Seattle

Where did all the oldsters go?

Decisions, Decisions...

Pre-Election Spectacular

Electile Dysfunction

Whores for Democracy

I take it back

I Voted; Get Off My Back

Spiny Terrorists Attempt to Disrupt Election!

It's the TeeVee Election Blog!


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